Approval of the Planning Commission Minutes From
Approve Minutes of the May 13, 2019 Meeting. view: PDF
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Public Hearing
Conduct public hearing for the purpose of reviewing and obtaining comment on a modification to the Redevelopment Plan submitted jointly by AKAJRV 314, LLC (successor in interest to HVS, LLP) and Original Equipment Co. dba Aulick Industries for the Aulick Industries Office and Truck Shop Project. view: PDF
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New Business
Consider and act upon Resolution recommending to the CRA and City Council the modification to the Aulick Industries Office and Truck Shop Project Redevelopment Plan. view: PDF
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Staff Reports
None view: PDF
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Other Business
None view: PDF
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Closed Session (to consider any of the above matters, where a Closed Session is appropriate.)
Following passage of motion to enter into executive session, presiding officer must state purpose of executive session. view: PDF
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