Meeting Agenda 12/1/21 view: PDF
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Meeting Minutes 11/3/21 view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Redevelopment Plan - Grand Island - Public Hearing Concerning a redevelopment plan for CRA Area No. 6 to allow for redevelopment of property located north of State Street and west of Wheeler Avenue in Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska. view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed CRA Area #35 - Grand Island - Proposed Area #35 located north of Capital Avenue and east of Engleman Road (Old Engleman School). Resolution 2022-04 (C-09-2022GI) view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed CRA Area #36 - Grand Island - Proposed CRA Area #36 on either side of Independence Avenue south of Nebraska Highway 2 Resolution 2021-05 (C-11-22GI) view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Public Hearing Proposed Changes to the Wood River Zoning Ordinance - Wood River - Public Hearing to consider changes to the BGC and GC Commercial Zoning Districts in Wood River to permit residential uses. view: PDF
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Request for Conservation Easement - Hall County - Concerning a Conservation Easement for the Wetlands Reserve Program comprising a part of the South Half (S1/2) of Section Thirty-Six (36), Township Ten (10) North, Range Nine (9) West of the 6th P.m. view: PDF
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