Agenda - March 1, 2023 view: PDF
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Comprehensive Plan - view: PDF
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Minutes - January 11, 2023 view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Redevelopment Plan Amendment - Grand Island - JBA Ventures - CRA Area 31 - South Street and Henry and Ada Streets view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed Rezoning - Property located south of South Street along Henry and Ada Streets M2 to B2 view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed Rezoning - Legacy 34 Second Subdivision - Property north of Husker Hwy and west of Prairie View Street view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Redevelopment Plan - Grand Island - CRA Area No. 34 - north of 13th Street and west of of the Moore's Creek Drainway view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed Changes to Zoning Ordinance - Grand Island - changes to 36-26, 36-76, 36-77, 36-78 and 36-96 view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed Amendment to the Future Land Use Map - Alda - Public Hearing regarding a change to the future land use map for the Village of Alda for property located at the northeast corner of the intersection of 60th Road and Wildroad Drive view: PDF
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Public Hearing - Proposed Rezoning - Alda - Public Hearing regarding the rezoning for property located at the northeast corner of the intersection of 60th Road and Wildwood Drive view: PDF
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Final Plat - Cunningham Farms Subdivision - Alda - Located east of 60th Road and north of Wildwood Drive in Hall County, Alda ETJ. view: PDF
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Final Plat - JMR Subdivision - Grand Island - Located north of 4th Street and east of Wheeler Avenue in Grand Island, NE view: PDF
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Final Plat - Gloe Acres Second Subdivision - Located south of Wildwood Drive and east of 110th Road in Hall County view: PDF
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