Agenda Item
8:30am Reclassification Request - Committee Meeting - Cindy Westerhouse, Darrell Pettis, Joe Connolly, Steve Rohlfing, Dave Armstrong, Jo Corrow, and Shayne Bender view: PDF
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9:00am Agenda and Consent Agenda view: PDF
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9:05am Sue Rynda - Human Services Director view: PDF
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10:00am Claims view: PDF
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10:05am Scott Gerr or Jeff Neisen Informational Technology Department view: PDF
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10:10am Cindy Westerhouse - Human Resources view: PDF
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10:20am Don Reak - Parks Director view: PDF
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10:25am Becky Pollock - Ney Nature Center (15 minutes) view: PDF
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10:40am Pam Simonette - Auditor Treasurer view: PDF
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10:50am Jim McMillen -Building and Grounds Director view: PDF
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10:55am Darrell Pettis - Administrator/ Engineer view: PDF
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11:00am German - Jefferson Sewer District Ordinance view: PDF
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11:15am Closed Session - for pending litigation view: PDF
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Future Meetings January 21, 2104 view: PDF
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